Philippians Bible Study

These Philippians Bible study questions help you develop a deeper understanding of Biblical principles.

We're pleased to offer you this challenging study format for Bible study.  It's suitable for individual daily study or weekly group reviews.  It offers you a great opportunity for personal growth.  The Book of Philippians presents a perspective for us as we live our lives in a fallen world.  Thank God this is only our temporary home.

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Here's how it could work for you: First you read the assigned passage - usually a single chapter.  Then for the next six days you answer the 2-3 daily Bible study questions on your own.  

And finally, on day seven you meet with others to discuss and compare your answers.  If you're doing an individual study we offer to share our answers with you.

The day seven discussions of the Bible study questions are really powerful in small groups.  Not only do they provide you an opportunity to share what you learned, but you can gain powerful insights from others.  After all, The Holy Spirit works in all believers and you can learn a lot from other believers (and vice versa).

Philippians 1:5

It's best to first answer the Bible study questions by yourself but this format works great with families, couples, youth groups and small group sessions.  Passages can be assigned the week prior from the website.  They typically cover a chapter of the Book of Philippians.  

Each of the weekly lessons is designed to challenge you to learn the truths presented.  Discussing and sharing your insights with others is a rewarding and fun way to study.  

This study also provides a great format to learn biblical truths we can apply in our daily lives.  It involves "personal application" questions where you reflect on your life experiences and share the impact of the Biblical truths on your life with others.  This study also offers some challenging questions for those who wish to dig deeper.

The idea is to share insights, explore the Bible together, and benefit from group discussion of biblical principles.  Some Bible study questions are designed to prompt you to analyze the facts regarding what is actually written.  Others will guide you to discover a deeper meaning or context of the passage, or help you to discover a life lesson from the biblical principles we are studying.

Additional weekly study notes will be available and may explore the same passage which was just discussed the week prior.  This material will point more towards the big picture or idea or take a particular topic in the passage and explore it in depth.

This website doesn't have all the answers and nobody expects you to have them either.  However, we can learn from each other and learn more about the life of Jesus Christ together.

Our purpose is to learn from God's answer book - The Bible.  Our rewards are eternal and our lessons can be applied our everyday lives.

Why not start today?

Choose a chapter from the links below to start your Philippians Bible study. 

Chapter One
Chapter 1 is where the Apostle Paul tells of his longing to see the believers in Philippi and explains how his sufferings have resulted in glory for God Almighty.

Chapter Two
In Chapter 2 we learn that we're united in humility and learn of the great model that the humbled and exalted Christ provided us and that we are to shine as lights.

Chapter Three
In Chapter 3 Paul tells us about how he is sold out to Christ and how he presses on to reach his goal and then encourages us to follow in his footsteps as we follow Christ.

Chapter Four
In Chapter 4 of the Book of Philippians we're encouraged to be unified in joyful prayer and to meditate on things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy.