A Pride Bible Study

What Does God Say About Pride?  Is Pride a Sin?

Welcome to this Pride Bible Study.  Pride is portrayed as a necklace, a crown and fruit in the Bible.  The Bible also says it persecutes, testifies, deceives, and brings low.  It's often seen as the first sin.

It's the sin which caused the Devil to fall from his privileged position as an angel of light.  The devil then used the same sin to tempt Adam and Eve away from their fellowship with Almighty God.  Satan still tempts us today with the sin of pride.

In his epic poem The Divine Comedy, Dante lists this sin along with six other “deadly” sins --lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, and envy.

The great Christian writer C.S. Lewis wrote of this sin in his classic Mere Christianity. The title of the work is The Great Sin. He points out that it tempts us all and yet we despise it in all others.

Lewis went on to state that pride cannot exist without competition because pride is essentially competitive.  This pride Bible study teaches us that there are many sources for man's pride.  Listed below are a just a few:

  • Heart
  • Wealth
  • Appearance
  • Power
  • Nationality
CS Lewis Quote on Pride

There's a single condensed Bible study on pride you may access below. There's also a more comprehensive, four part pride Bible study below that answers the questions:

  • What is Pride?
  • What does God say about it?
  • What are the consequences of this sin?
  • What can we do about it?

These Bible studies are suitable for individual daily study or weekly group reviews.  A study of pride from a biblical perspective presents you with a tremendous opportunity for thoughtful reflection and spiritual growth.

Small group study provides you an opportunity to share what you learned, but you can gain powerful insights from others.  After all, The Holy Spirit works in all believers and you can learn a lot from other believers (and vice versa).

Discussing and sharing your insights with others is a rewarding and fun way to study the Bible. This study also provides a great format to learn biblical truths we can apply in our daily lives.  The idea is to share insights, explore what the Bible says together, and benefit from group discussion of biblical principles.

This website doesn't have all the answers and nobody expects you to have them either.  However, we can learn from each other and learn more about pride and what God says about it together.

Our purpose is to learn from God's answer book - The Bible.  Our rewards are eternal and our lessons can be applied in our everyday lives.

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What is Pride?

--  In this lesson we study what pride is as defined by God and referenced in the Bible.  By the way, this should be something we all study because it applies to all of us.  Do you think pride is a sin?

What Does God Say About Pride?

--  In the first lesson we sought to understand how God defines pride.  In this lesson we learn what God tells us about pride by studying the Bible.  There is a lot of information about pride in the Bible, and this study culminates with a very specific understanding of pride as God sees it.  How is pride a sin?  Take this course to find out.

What Are the Consequences of Pride?

--  Is pride a big deal for us?  What are the consequences of pride?  How did pride affect people in the Bible?  Does the pride of our ancestors affect us still today?  This lesson studies some remarkable events and lives affected by pride including yours - take this lesson to learn why and how we are all affected by pride.

What Can We Do About Our Pride?

--  The pride in our lives is there - we all have pride.  However, God provides the perfect antidote.  Take this lesson to learn how you can overcome pride in your life.