Philippians Chapter 1

Philippians Chapter 1 is where the Apostle Paul tells of his longing to see the Philippians and explains how his sufferings have resulted in glory for God Almighty.

Your learning comes from reading and studying the Bible. After you have read the Scripture passage below, it's a good idea to answer the daily study questions.

Daily Study Questions for Philippians Chapter 1

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Day One

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1. From the first two verses, provide the following information:

  • Name the 2 people who sent the letter
  • How they were described
  • To whom the letter was sent
  • Where the recipients were located
  • Whom the messengers represented

2. What do we learn about the city of Philippi from Acts 16:12-40 and I Thessalonians 2:2?

Day Two

1. From verses 3 through 11, what is Paul’s vision for the Philippians?

2. In verse 12 Paul states that his imprisonment has really served to advance the gospel. What are the two examples he cites for the Philippians in verses 13 and 14 of Philippians Chapter 1?

3. For what purpose was Paul in prison?

Day Three

1. What life lesson do we see in verses 15 through 18 and how can we apply this lesson to our lives today?

2. Why do you think Paul didn’t care about the motives of those who preached Christ?

Philippians 1:21

3. How would you react if government officials came to your house tonight and arrested you for your faith in Christ Jesus? Would you be?

  • Angry that I did no wrong
  • Afraid of what would come next
  • Worried about my family
  • Fearful for my life
  • Praying to God
  • Resolved to suffer
  • Joyful to suffer for Christ
  • Witnessing to those arresting me
  • Other _________________

Day Four

1. What is joy? Describe a time in your life when you had joy because of something God or a fellow believer did for you.

2. What are the three sources of, or reasons for joy in verses 4, 25 and 26 of this first chapter of Philippians?

3. From the following verses below, what are some reasons for Christians to rejoice?

  • Matthew 5:12
  • Luke 10:20
  • John 16:22
  • Romans 5:2
  • Romans 5:3
  • Romans 5:11

Day Five

1. Explain in your own words what Paul means when he says in verse 21 – “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

2. From reading verses 20 through 26, explain the following:

  • What benefit Paul would have in remaining on earth
  • What benefit Paul would have in dying
  • What benefit the Philippians would have in Paul remaining on earth

3. Should Christians fear death? Why or why not?

Day Six

1. What is the sign mentioned in verse 28 of this first Chapter of Philippians?

2. What do the following verses tell us about our attitudes towards suffering persecution for Christ?

  • Acts 5:41
  • Romans 5:3
  • Philippians 1:29
  • James 1:2
  • 1 Peter 4:13

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