Philippians Chapter 3

In Philippians Chapter 3 Paul tells us about how he is sold out to Christ and how he presses on to reach his goal and then encourages us to follow in his footsteps as we follow Christ.

Your learning comes from reading and studying the Bible. After you have read the Scripture passage below, it's a good idea to answer the daily study questions.

Daily Study Questions for Philippians Chapter 3

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Day One

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1. Why did Paul state that writing the same things was no trouble and why was it a safeguard to the Philippians?

2. Paul tells the Philippians to be wary of those dogs, men who do evil and mutilators of the flesh. In Matthew 7:6 Jesus says not to give dogs what is sacred. What types of people are characterized as dogs in Revelation 22:15?

3. Which of the types of people or “dogs” described in Revelation 22:15 are also present in Philippi according to verses 2 and 3 and Acts 16:16?

Day Two

1. What do the following scriptures teach us about circumcision? Considering the explanations given regarding circumcision, what error seems to have taken place in Philippi regarding it?

  • Genesis 17:11
  • Romans 2:28-29
  • I Corinthians 7:19
  • Galatians 5:6
  • Galatians 6:15

What was the error?

2. Paul says in verses 3 through 6 that although he has seven reasons to put his confidence in the flesh, he does not. Why are these reasons cited here in Philippians and who do you think that he was appealing to in reciting them?

Day Three

1. How do we as Christians today rely on traditions or things we do for our salvation?

2. Here is The Living Bible translation of verse 7: “But all these things that I once thought very worthwhile-now I've thrown them all away so that I can put my trust and hope in Christ alone.”

What did Paul gain instead from reading verses 8 and 9 in this third chapter of Philippians when he threw away the things he once thought worthwhile?

3. The word “know” in verse 10 means to have personal acquaintance or experience with. What did Paul want to experience, and what did he seek to gain in getting more knowledge of Christ from the experience?

Philippians 3:13-14

Day Four

1. In verse 12 what is Paul following after to take hold of?

2. What is the message to the Philippians and to the church today in verse 15?

3. What can you do to run a better race for the goal?

Day Five

1. What does verse 19 tells us about these aspects of the enemies of the cross?

  • Where they will wind up
  • Whom they serve
  • What they take pride in
  • What their focus is

2. Philippians Chapter 3, verse 20 says our conversation or citizenship is of heaven. What do you look forward to the most in heaven?

Day Six

1. What do we learn about the body of the resurrected Christ from the following verses:

  • Matt 28:8-9
  • Matt 28:16-18
  • Luke 24:13–18
  • Luke 24: 30
  • Luke 24:39-43
  • John 20:14
  • John 20:19

2. What does a reading of 1 Corinthians 15:35-54 teach us about our own resurrected bodies?

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