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One Cry

Karen's Answer

I am saved by HIS grace. I'm HIS workmanship/ handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works that He prepared in advance for me to do

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Bible student

Chapter 4 of the Gospel of John really brings out the Spritual verses the physical aspect of the worship and praise of God. The disciples were looking

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Karen from beautiful British Columbia Canada

I know what God's will is for me.....To love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul and strength and to love others as myself. I must first experience

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Bible student

I enjoy this method of Bible study. The questions are thought provoking and require meditation on the Word of God. Thank you for providing these studies.

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God's will for my life

Be whatever services he directs me it could be as for as saying a kind word to someone and letting them know that the Lord Jesus loves them,this what I

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Ms. Joyce R,

After talking with a couple of people I know and listening to how knowledgeable they were in reference to the Bible, made me realize that I need to find

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Charlie from Atlanta

It seems that his will for me change as the seasons change I feel his will for me was to break the bondage from past generations of my family and raise

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The Love for my Lord

Yes at one time in my life I had wondered what God had in for my life. but several years ago in a small county church, I was called out by a preacher,

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Carolyn in Texas

I believe God's will is for me to spend eternity with him in Heaven. I believe that is his will for all those he has created. I think I know his will;

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From Jonna in Oklahoma

This is a question I have repeated to myself countless times: What am I supposed to be doing with my life? And then I usually get the feeling that

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Stephanie from Texas

To know that I have been crucified with Christ and that I no longer live but Christ lives in me... Gal 2:20 Christ is my life!

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Multiply what the Lord has given me

I know the will of God for my life is to live for Jesus. I am to use the spiritual gifts the Lord has given me to love, encourage and build up the body

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Kaye in USA

To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

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God is love.

God's will for my life is to be His ambassador of love. To give all a glimpse of His love for them, by showing them I love them.

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Andrea from Dominica

To surrender to God and trust only in him to supply all my needs physically and spiritually. He also entrust me to seek the truth in His WORD and not merely

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Bible Study Group from Georgia

To Love him and worship him

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Answer from Glynnel in Atlanta

God's will for my life is that I believe in Him and praise HIM. I am to be available every day for God to do a perfect work through me.

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Giving hope from experiences

I have come to realise that all the challenges I have gone through in life are now being used as a witness to God's glory to give hope and encouragement

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Brad BELIEVER in Chris Jesus

To love God above all and love thy neighbor as God has loved me and as I would be loved.

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Cynthia from Houma, La

God's will for my life is to surrender my life, not conforming to what the world offers; and to be ye transformed by the renewing of my mind and to listen

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Dewayne (Youth Leader) Mount View Baptist Ripley,MS

Finding God's will for your life can sometimes be challenging and even trying. I accepted God's call to be a Youth Leader after some time of serious consideration.

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Vicki's Answers

Major emphasis on GRACE, and we are His WORKMANSHIP, created in Christ to DO GOOD WORKS

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Mando Calvary

Grace, Faith, His Gift, not by works, His workmanship, to do good works by His grace in fatih of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Praise to the Lord, the Father who by His grace has saved us and brings us to Him in the majesty of his mercy and kindness and forgiveness for our sins.

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Grace because He is all gracious. Not by works. We can do nothing and I mean nothing to earn our salvation! My workmanship - we are made and sustained

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Where I believe God would place more emphasis...

For it is BY GRACE you have been SAVED, THROUGH FAITH (and this NOT FROM YOURSELVES, it is MY GIFT) not by works, so that NO ONE can boast. For YOU ARE

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wilson jeancy

this will be a blessing and a longevity to me ,to my family and to my children.i will have a better understanding for the words of God,and also do not

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Cathy speaks

In my opinion, God recognized that with the introduction of sin in the world, there needed to be a limit of how much time we spent in our sinful bodies.

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Women's Bible Study Leader

I lead the women's Bible study in my home church. We have used your study on Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and James. We are currently using your

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Ms. Green, beginning bible studying the bible

I google the explanation of a bible chapter and your site was one of the ones to come up. I clicked on it for an explanation and was impressed with the

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