Philippians Chapter 2

In Philippians Chapter 2 we learn that we are united in humility and learn of the great model that the humbled and exalted Christ provided us and that we are to shine as lights in a dark world.

Your learning comes from reading and studying the Bible. After you have read the Scripture passage below, it's a good idea to answer the daily study questions.

Daily Study Questions for Philippians Chapter 2

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Day One

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1. In verse one the word “if” occurs four times, it is used in the same sense that we use the word “since” and describes four conditions. What are the four conditions Paul cites in verse 1 to encourage the Philippians to do the things he asks of them in verse 2?

2. What 4 things is Paul asking the Philippians to do in verse two and how would Paul benefit if they did so?

3. What is common to all four things Paul is asking the Philippians to do? Is there a theme? What is it?

Day Two

1. What does God tell us to do in verses three and four of this second chapter of Philippians? Fill in the blanks.

Verse 3: Let nothing be done through ______________ or _____________; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

Verse 4: Look not every man on his own things, but every man also __________________________.

2. Verse five tells us that our attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. Study verses six, seven and eight and fill in the blanks.

Who, being in the form of God, ______________ God: But made himself ____________________, and took upon him the form of a ___________, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he _______________, and became ___________ unto death, even the death of the cross.

3. What should be our attitude from the lessons of verses six, seven, and eight?

Day Three

1. In verse 12 the Philippians are told to continue to “work out their salvation”. The Greek word which is translated “work out” is the word katergazesthe. It means to carry out to full perfection or to carry out to the goal.

In verse 13 we see that it is God who works in us according to his will and acts according to his good purpose. The Greek word which is translated “worketh” in verse 13 is energoon which means “to be at work” or “working effectually”.

How can Christians carry out their salvation to full perfection so as to reach their goal? In regards to salvation, what work is ours and what work is Gods? The following verses may help you:

  • John 6:44,65
  • Rom 10:9-11
  • Eph 2:7-10
  • Phil 1:3-6
  • Heb 13:20-21
  • 1 John 4:12-17
  • 1 John 5:1-5

2. Why are we told to work out our salvation with fear and trembling?

Phil 2:5-6
Phil 2:7:8
Phil 2:9-11

Day Four

1. In verse 14 Paul exhorts the Philippians to do everything without murmurings or arguing. What motivations does he provide them to do so?

2. We all complain, but sometimes we complain for the wrong reasons (see Numbers 14; Psalm 106:24-27; Matthew 20:1-16: Mark 14:1-9; James 5:9; I Peter 4:9; and Jude 16).

What would be a proper reason to complain in the body of Christ and how should we handle it?

3. We also argue. So when we have and an argument how should we handle it according to the following verses?

  • Lev 19:17-18
  • Matt 5:23-24
  • Matt 18:15-17
  • Matt 18:21-35
  • Luke 17:1-4
  • Col 3:12-14

Day Five

1. Paul uses a metaphor built on sacrificial ritual in verse 17. What are the sacrifices in the metaphor? What idea is Paul trying to convey by using the metaphor?

2. What do the following verses tell us about Timothy?

  • Verse 19
  • Verse 20
  • Verse 22

3. According to Voice of the Martyrs more than 40 nations around the world today persecute Christians for their faith.

In some of these nations, it's illegal to own a Bible, to share your faith in Christ, change your faith, or teach your children about Jesus. 

Those who boldly follow Christ—in spite of government edict or radical opposition—can face harassment, arrest, torture, and even death.

Yet, Christians continue to meet for worship and witness for Christ, and the church in restricted nations is growing.

Seeing there is little if any opposition, what prevents us from sharing our faith in a free country such as America?

Day Six

1. Paul states he is confident he will go the Philippians soon and hopes to send Timothy to them soon, but sends Epaphroditus.

List 4 titles given to Epaphroditus in verse 25 of Philippians Chapter 2.

2. What kind of man do you think Epaphroditus was from reading verses 26-30 of Philippians Chapter 2?

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