Proverbs Bible Study

This Proverbs Bible Study can be studied either as a small group or individually.  Unlike some of the other studies, this Bible study series does not provide questions for small group discussion. 

Instead, we will provide an opportunity for you to comment using social media tools such as Google + and Facebook.  We intend to publish this Proverbs Bible study for all thirty-one chapters.  If you like, you can follow the updates on our FaceBook page.

Proverbs 9:10-11

If you want to study the Book of Proverbs systematically, you can study a daily proverb from every chapter of the Book of Proverbs.  Each daily proverb will correspond to the day of the month.  For example:

If today is the 5th day of the month, the proverb would come from Proverbs Chapter 5; if today was the 6th day of the month, then the Proverb would be from Chapter 6 and so on.  

Because there are 31 chapters, you will be studying proverbs from all chapters of the Book in a single month – a different one each day.   Of course months with less than 31 days may require you to "double up" for some days to ensure you cover all 31 chapters.  We suggest you try it.

Relevancy of the Book of Proverbs

"In a world bombarded by inane cliches, trivial catchwords, and godless sound bites, the expression of true wisdom is in short supply today.  

The church stands alone as the receptacle and repository of the inspired traditions that carry a mandate for a holy life from the ancient sages, the greatest of whom was Solomon, and far greater than Solomon, Jesus Christ."

Bruce K. Waltke, New International Commentary of the Old Testament 

The Book of Proverbs is as relevant today as the day it was written.  This is because the Bible is God's Word and is the only source of truth in our world today.

However, we live in a different time and most likely speak a different language than the original readers.  These factors combined with the challenge to understand the cultural context of the proverb writer require us to diligent in this Bible Study.

Choose A Chapter to Study

Proverbs Chapter 1

Proverbs Chapter 2

Proverbs Chapter 8

Proverbs Chapter 18

Proverbs Chapter 20

Proverbs Chapter 30


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If additional references are used it will be noted on the associated pages.