Jacqueline's Answer

by Jacqueline W,
(Catawissa, MO, US)

I would love to say that I would spend that time seeking the Lord and working for Him. However, if I had this knowledge before I accepted Christ as my Savior, there is the likelihood that I would have waited longer before I became ready. I hope that is not the case, but it is definitely a possibility. I know one of the things that worked on my heart before salvation is what would happen to me if I was to die. That frightened me to no ends. Therefore, if I had more time, I don't know how that would have changed things because I was tired of sin as well. I was tired of trying to do things on my own and the void I felt in my heart.

After salvation, I believe that I would enjoy God more. Sometimes, I feel like I running out of time and that causes me not to rest and relax as much as I should. I feel like I am in a race against time. I am in a hurry to do what I can for the Lord while I still have breath and strength to do it.

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