Answers for the Gospel of John Chapter 2

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Questions and Answers

1. What do we learn about Jewish wedding customs from reading the parables in Matthew 22:1-12 and 25:1-10?

  • The timing of the banquet was not always certain
  • There was a lot of food prepared
  • It would be an insult not to attend the banquet if invited
  • The guests are expected to wear a certain type of clothing
  • There was a processional for the bridegroom to the feast
  • Guests would join the processional to attend the feast
  • The processional was often at night

2. Name the disciples of Jesus to this point from chapter one.

  • John (unnamed but assumed)
  • Nathanael
  • Phillip
  • Peter
  • Andrew

3. What are some possible meanings for the answer Jesus gave his mother in verse 4 when he stated - “My time has not yet come”?

  • Jesus wanted his mother to understand that his duty was obedience to the Father and not her
  • He did not want to be exposed to the public by doing a miracle
  • Time was not right for him to perform this miracle

Questions and Answers

1. From verse 11 what can you determine were the 2 results of the miracle Jesus performed?

  1. His disciples believed in him
  2. Jesus Christ was glorified

2. From reading verse 16, and Matthew 21:13, what was the reason Jesus drove the people and animals from the temple courts?

Because they had turned the temple into a market where they cheated the people who desired to worship God

3. Compare the reaction of the disciples and the Jewish leaders to Jesus’ clearing of the moneychangers and animals.

  • The disciples cited scripture as prophesying or authorization for the event
  • The Jewish leaders asked for a sign to authorize the even

Questions and Answers

1. In response to the Jewish leaders request for a miracle to show authorization for Jesus’ clearing of the temple courts, Jesus states: “Destroy this temple and I will raise it up in three days”. What do you think is the most remarkable aspect of Jesus response?

Some might say these are the most remarkable aspects:

  • That he predicted his own death
  • That he referred to his body as a temple
  • That he would raise HIMSELF from the grave

2. Where in Scripture is the body of the believer referred to as a temple?

  • I Cor 3:16
  • I Cor 6:19
  • II Cor 6:16

3. In your opinion, why do you think Jesus never explained the reference to himself as the temple?

Scripture does not tell us but perhaps:

  • He wanted the resurrection to be understood after the fact, had he explained it in detail there may have been a lack of focus on what he was saying
  • He knew they would only believe after the resurrection
  • He knew the truth and that his actions would speak much louder than his words

Questions and Answers

1. What are the 3 things mentioned in verse 22 concerning Jesus’ disciples that occurred after the resurrection?

  1. They recalled what Jesus had said about the temple being raised in 3 days
  2. They believed the Scripture regarding it
  3. They believed the words Jesus had spoken

2. Read Acts 2:29-32. What Old Testament scripture predicted the resurrection of Jesus?

Psalm 16:10

3. Verse 23 states Jesus did many miracles while at the Passover Feast in Jerusalem. These miracles are not described, but from the following verses, describe their impact.

  • John 2:23 - Many believed on his name
  • John 3:2 - The people saw that he was a teacher come from God
  • John 4:45 - He was welcomed in Galilee

Questions and Answers

1. From verse 24, what two things did Jesus not do?

  1. He would not entrust himself to them
  2. He did not receive or need man's testimony about man

2. From verses 24 and 25, what reasons are given for Jesus decisions?

  • He knew all men
  • He did not need the testimony of men – he knew what was in a man

3. What might Jesus have seen in the people that caused him to not entrust himself to the people of Jerusalem?

Perhaps it was:

  • Their motivation
  • Their deceitfulness
  • Their hearts

Questions and Answers

1. What is about your life that Jesus overlooks and loves you?

In my life he overlooks and loves me in spite of:

  • My sin
  • My weakness

2. From the first 2 chapters of John, give 2 examples of Jesus’ power of knowing things about men without having been revealed to him by men.

  1. He said to Peter “You are Simon son of John”
  2. He said to Nathanael “Here is a true Israelite in whom there is nothing false”