Answers Provided on This Website

Answers on this website are provided for your consideration.  No claim is made as to their absolute correctness - they are simply one man's view on truth based on scriptural research or personal experience where the questions relate to one's particular life.

By the way, all Bible studies on this website are written by pastors who have graduated from (or currently attending) seminary.  

We do not believe that truth is subjective and defined by one's opinion.

Jesus said that God's Word is truth, he also said "I am the way the truth and the life".  Truth is not relative.

It's not different because you believe it is true for you and not for me - truth is not different or dependent on your beliefs. 


When a reply to a question is based on your opinion on a matter, it should be based on your serious study of the Word of God - THE truth.

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However, some questions are personal and require your personal opinion - so your thoughts and ideas are the only correct reply for the personal questions.

Other questions have only one solution because they ask you to repeat what the Bible says.  Sometimes these questions are very straightforward and at other times they may require a degree of insight or knowledge of other related scripture.

Finally, some questions have no absolutely correct response because the truth concerning the matter cannot be determined based on scripture; however, they are great for discussion.

In any case, if you are born again you have God's Holy Spirit within you.  Holy Spirit helps us develop insights into spiritual matters as we explore the Bible together.  This is why we can all learn from one another. 

You can read more about small group interaction on this page.

May God Bless you as you study His Holy Word.