Genesis Chapter 9 Answers

This webpage provides answers for the Genesis Bible study daily questions on chapter nine.

We pray that God will provide you with revelation of his will for your life as you study His Holy Word.

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Questions and Answers

1. What 3 similar commands or instructions did God give both Adam and Noah?  List two things that were different between Adam and Noah 

  1. Both were told to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth (see Genesis 1:28 and 9:1)
  2. Both were given dominion over other life forms on earth (see Genesis 1:28 and 9:2)
  3. Both were given food to eat (see Genesis 1:29-30 and 9:2)

Here are three things that were different between Adam and Noah: 

  1. Adam had only green plants for food, Noah had plants and animals given for food
  2. Adam could not eat fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Noah could not eat meat with lifeblood
  3. God gave Adam a wife and he started the first family, Noah started with a family

2. Why did God speak of an accounting for the shedding of man’s blood in verses 5 and 6? 

  • We learn in chapter 4 verses 23 and 24 that Lamech was a violent man just like his ancestor Cain
  • We also learn in chapter 6 verses 11 and 12 that the earth was destroyed and mankind as well because of man’s penchant for violence
  • This was God emphasizing that He would hold men accountable for any further violence

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3. What do verses 5 and 6 teach us about God?  What do they teach us about His view of human life? 

About God:
He judges those who take a life, therefore a man’s life belong to God

We are accountable to God for taking what belongs to Him (another man’s life)

About His view of human life:
He values the life of man because He made us in His image 

4. How does a reading of verse 6 affect your perspective of capital punishment?

Only you can answer this question, so there’s no need to compare.

However, consider sharing your answer with others.  

5. What was the covenant God established with Noah? What was the sign of the covenant? 

  • The everlasting covenant with Noah was that God would never again destroy all life and the earth by flooding
  • The everlasting sign of the covenant is God's rainbow in the clouds

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6. With whom did God make the covenant besides Noah? 

  • Noah and his sons
  • Their descendants
  • Every living creature that was in the ark – every living creature on earth
  • Between God and the earth
  • Between God and all life on earth

7. God told Noah that He would now establish His covenant.  How long had it been since God had told Noah that He will establish His covenant? 

Clue #1:
Noah’s sons were already born, so it was after he was 500 years old, and he had not built the ark yet Chapter 6, vs 18: But I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark--you and your sons and your wife and your sons' wives with you. 

Clue #2:
Flood had not happened yet, flood occurred when Noah was 600 years old Chapter 7 vs 6 Noah was six hundred years old when the floodwaters came on the earth. 

Clue #3:
Noah was in the ark for one year and ten days Chapter 7 verses 11-13: Noah entered the ark in the six hundredth year of his life, on the seventeenth day of the second month Chapter 8 verses 13, 14: Noah left the ark in the six hundred and first year of his life, the twenty-seventh day of the second month 

The amount of time was roughly the amount of time it took to build the ark plus the time Noah spent in the ark, so it would seem the amount of time between the time when God made Noah the promise and when He established the covenant was about 101 years. 

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8. What is the meaning of a covenant? 

An agreement between two people or two groups that involves promises on the part of each to the other. The concept of covenant between God and His people is one of the most important theological truths of the Bible. A covenant, in the biblical sense, implies much more than a contract or simple agreement. A contract always has an end date, while a covenant is a permanent arrangement. Another difference is that a contract generally involves only one part of a person, such as a skill, while a covenant covers a person's total being. from Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary 

9. What covenant did Jesus Christ establish between Himself and all believers at the Last Supper? 

That if you believe on Him and repent – He will forgive your sins (see Luke 22:20, Hebrews 12:24 and 13:20) 

10. Are the other covenants provided in Genesis (Genesis 3:14-19; Genesis 12:1-7, 13:15; 17:7-8) still in effect today? 

Yes, the covenants of Genesis are still in effect today

  • Snakes still slither over the ground on their bellies
  • Women still give birth in pain
  • Mankind still has to work to eat
  • Thorns and thistles still thrive
  • We all turn to dust upon our death
  • All nations are blessed through Abram because of Christ
  • The land of Israel still belong to the Jewish people

Questions and Answers

11. When Noah woke up, what did he prophesy would be the results of Ham’s actions from verses 24-27?

  • Canaan would be the lowest of slaves to his brothers
  • God would extend the territory of Japeth
  • Japeth live in the tents of Shem

12. Why did Ham tell his brothers about his father’s nakedness?  Why was it wrong and what should he have done instead?

Ham was perhaps amused in seeing his father naked and asleep and perhaps was taking delight in the circumstance and encouraging his brothers to do the same

Ham should have covered the man (he had already seen the nakedness) or asked his mother to cover him and kept it to himself 

13. Is it a sin to drink alcoholic beverages?  What about becoming drunk as a result of drinking alcohol as Noah was?

It is possible that no one had ever made wine yet before and that Noah had become drunk because he did not know that wine would have such an effect on man.

The following verses warn us about drunkeness:

Prov 20:1:
Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.

Prov 21:17:
17 He who loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and oil will never be rich.

Prov 23:20-21:
20 Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, 21 for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.

Prov 23:29-35:
29 Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has strife? Who has complaints? Who has needless bruises? Who has bloodshot eyes? 30 Those who linger over wine, who go to sample bowls of mixed wine. 31 Do not gaze at wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly! 32 In the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper. 33 Your eyes will see strange sights and your mind imagine confusing things. 34 You will be like one sleeping on the high seas, lying on top of the rigging. 35 "They hit me," you will say, "but I'm not hurt! They beat me, but I don't feel it! When will I wake up so I can find another drink?"

Hab 2:4-5:
4 "See, he is puffed up; his desires are not upright-but the righteous will live by his faith- 5 indeed, wine betrays him; he is arrogant and never at rest. Because he is as greedy as the grave and like death is never satisfied, he gathers to himself all the nations and takes captive all the peoples.

Ps 104:14-15:
14 He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate--bringing forth food from the earth: 15 wine that gladdens the heart of man, oil to make his face shine, and bread that sustains his heart.

Isa 28:7-8:
7 And these also stagger from wine and reel from beer: Priests and prophets stagger from beer and are befuddled with wine; they reel from beer, they stagger when seeing visions, they stumble when rendering decisions. 8 All the tables are covered with vomit and there is not a spot without filth.

Eph 5:18:
Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.

1 Thess 5:4-8:
4 But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. 5 You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. 6 So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled. 7 For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night. 8 But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet.

1 Peter 4:2-4:
2 As a result, he does not live the rest of his earthly life for evil human desires, but rather for the will of God. 3 For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do-living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry.

Drinking alcoholic beverages in itself is not a sin; however drunkness - the result of inappropriate consumption - is clearly a sin.