From Jonna in Oklahoma

by Jonna

This is a question I have repeated to myself countless times: "What am I supposed to be doing with my life?" And then I usually get the feeling that I'm wasting my life not doing anything important. Recently my idea of God's will for my life has been rocked quite a bit. God's will isn't unique to each individual, in fact, it's the same for all. Look at John 3:16...that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. God's will and Jesus' death are so that none should have to live apart from the love of God. In life a person is either lost or found. And if you're found it's your job to seek the lost with the message of God's grace. We are called to live our lives in a manner worthy of Jesus' death to bring him glory, and Jesus himself told us to make disciples. God's will is that we not keep silent about this precious gift of grace he has freely given.

Now, I do believe that God gives us all specific talents and asks us to use those gifts to reach out to others. He gives us all people to minister to and he places people in our lives to minister to us. My biggest struggle is that I constantly get bogged down believing that if I'm not doing something BIG, then it's not important. But life isn't a fancy stage, it's a collection of mundane days all strung together. But out of the mundane comes the greatest opportunities to love others. My purpose is to make a decision to love and follow Christ and to live it out in all the boring, everyday moments of life; accepting his grace and bringing back all the praise and glory to him. If others are looking at me and my life and wanting more of Jesus in their life then I'm fulfilling my purpose.

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