The Heart that's burden for others

by Darlene

As an Intercessor, I have been called to consistently pray God's word. I first realized that I had a burden for people and in some cases would feel what they must be going through and wanted their life to be far more than what they were experiencing. I was encouraged to pursue this inward longing to connect with God in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to use me. In order to confirm, I joined the Intercessory ministry at my church under a powerful ministry leader in 2003 and am very active as a team leader in the ministry today. I some times forget that as an intercessor, I can't allow certain behaviors or people or situations invade my "holy" space. Actually, it is God's designed will and purpose to protect me consciously, emotionally and spiritually as an Intercessor. It doesn't stop there, often times, I feel a strong urge to teach his word to others, and at the same time I don't feel inspired to become a Minister. I guess I'm still waiting on a clear answer to that. I'm open to hear Him speak. I would suggest to all that don't know what God's will is for them, spend quality time with Him and pay attention to the burden on your heart; that's sometime an indicator of His will for you.

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