The Evidence Bible

I ordered The Evidence Bible to help prepare me to share my faith. If there is anything we should attempt to improve, it is our ability to share the Good News!

The official title of this Bible is "The Way of the Master Evidence Bible." It is compiled by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron who also bring you the Way of the Master website and television series. 

Evidence Study Bible Features

  • Answers 100 common objections to Christianity
  • Scriptural references as springboards for preaching and witnessing
  • Scriptural references for growth principles for new and growing Christians
  • Scriptural pointers for open-air preaching
  • In depth comments with Scriptural references for sixty topics
  • Scriptual answers for common questions and objections in seventeen different topical areas
  • Extensive Scripture references on the function of God's law
  • A "Wordless Gospel" for sharing the Good News across language barriers 

This Study Bible provides a specific emphasis on verses and passages of Scripture that can assist you in your Christian witness. If you were to help just one person find the Lord it is well worth the price.