The Book of Jude

by Mavis
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hello. I was reading the book of Jude on your site and, truthfully, I saw myself in a portion of the words written there. I am so desperately seeking to be a better Christian. I am so GRATEFUL to have found your site. As I was saying, I saw myself. I struggle with not yielding to the temptation of that deadly sin lust. Most of the time, I overcome. But, unfortunately, there are times when I give in. I immediately pray for forgiveness and realize I am forgiven because Jesus said He is just to forgive us our sins. But I want to overcome and never give in again. Studying this book has tremendously strengthened my resolve to never again yield to this temptation. I don't stupidly believe I won't be tempted again, but when I am, I will reach for my bible and read this book. I'll keep reading and telling Satan I rebuke him in Jesus' name and to get behind me. In addition to prayer, I now realize I can use the Bible as my weapon to overcome.

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