Thank you!!!

by Angeli

Hi, I've been looking for a bible teacher since I accepted the Lord in 1994 but not really successful in finding one who could disciple me. I also attended bible studies and fellowships in the past to hopefully quench my thirst for the Word. You can say that I've been a Christian for a long time but my real walk with God started about two years ago when the Lord woke me and my husband up with a huge trial in life. Then about that same time, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit (tongues as you know) and was fascinated how it happened. Then, we continued on seeking the Lord more immensely and revelations after revelations from the Word of God opened our eyes more and more.

My husband accepted the Lord when he was 7 yrs. old, he's about 16 yrs. older than me. We are now leaders in our church and doing our best to obey and stay. We also have our own ministry now which is the "Filipino Ministry", and also are in marketplace ministry working closely with Pastor Ed Silvoso in the transformation.
Just recently I asked one of our friends to disciple me (and my closest girl friend) because we both want to study the bible book by book. He agreed, just like all the other pastors and people I've asked but somehow, there's always a barrier and time and availability is always a concern. Things would always get in the way. Then I went online (like I always did) to find an online bible study hoping to find a good one that would not bore me (as I always thought that online studies are boring and interaction with others is always better). Surprisingly when I found your site, I saw how you have put studies from book to book, then
also there are questions and answers which I found so interesting and never boring. In fact, I get so excited all the time, couldn't wait to spend time with God through your system. I then showed my husband and he loves it so much too and was happy that I finally found what I've been looking for. I started this about three days ago and I'm already learning so much. It's amazing how the Lord never leaves His children hungry. Now I also met with our lady Pastor (who's been very close to me like a sister for the past two years and I showed her your site and she was very happy for me and again offered to come alongside me in studying the Word and disciple me and train me to become a worship leader (which is my highest call as the Lord spoke to me and being a professional singer and this is also desire of my heart). This lady pastor used to be a worship leader in our church and she now passed the mantle to his brother and oversees the worship ministry and since she is working very closely with Pastor Ed Silvoso, she became the Transformation Pastor in our church overseeing all the transformation gates. It's so amazing how I got both a discipler in person and you over the internet. Thank you so much for your ministry. I am so in tears in all these. By the way, me and my husband would like to donate to your ministry. Pls. give us info where we can send a donation to. Best regards and God bless you and your family (in the true sense of being blessed - abundance in all areas of your life, healings, miracles, increase, overflowing favor and grace be upon you). Love in Jesus - Angeli and Stephen

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