Renee, Ohio

I think we all wonder what God's will is. God's will for me is servitude(simply taking care of others.) I got my nursing licsence in 2001 with the help of God, and took it for granted. I have had trouble finding a job for the last year and a half, and was wondering what God wanted from me and for me, this past thanksgiving my mom had a stroke,I spent a month straight taking care of my mom, (2 weeks of that was 24/7) then all day long. I also managed to take care of my husband , son and home, and enjoyed all of it. It brought my mom and I closer, gave my husband new respect for me, and gave me peace of mind and understanding of what God's will for me is...simply spoken, it is taking care of others, and now that I have been through this time, with continuous prayer and reading, I have a job interview wed. I PRAISE AND THANK GOD FOR ALL HE HAS BROUGHT ME THROUGH, AND THE UNDERSTANDING HE HAS BROUGHT ME TO. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!

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