Polly from Texas

by Polly

My life with God has been a journey since I was 3 until now at 75. I did not accept Christ as my Saviour until I was 8, but when I was three, I had an experience that has stayed with me all this years. I turned one of my Dad's home made, white wooden, lawn chairs upside down making myself a small house. As I sat there I began to experience the color and beauty around me: the deep green grass that tickled my toes, the sparkling white of the wood, and the beautiful blue of the sky. I had a deep happy feeling of praise. It is the same feeling I have now when I see a sweet child's smile, hear a bird's song, or see a beautiful rose. I praise God for giving us such beauty and thank him for opening my heart so I could see. As for learning God's will I pray every day he will lead me to someone who needs help. Usually, I find someone who needs to talk, or a person who needs shoes,or someone with dimensia who needs a friend. I pray the last two verses of Psalm 139. The first three verses of Eph.1 reminded me of Psalm 139. My experience of salvation is interesting, but I will share it another time.

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