Nelson's Open Bible Classic Edition

by Terry

I love the Open Bible. It has great features such as the NKJV text and 8000 entry topical index and great book introductions. If you have a copy, you know what I mean.

That said, if you plan on purchasing a copy look for a good used copy. I recently purchased (by internet) the Open Bible Classic edition (brand new) and was shocked at the decreased quality as compared to my original edition. What a disappointment! The bonded leather is like cardboard and the binding is the cheap glued type rather than the Smythsewn durable type. Nelson's quality in Bible publishing has now reached the point of embarrassment.

Consider purchasing the Expositor's Study Bible (updated KJV)from Jimmy Swaggart Ministries if you still want a quality sewn binding in a reliable translation.

Check out the reviews on this site for the Expositor's Study Bible or some of the older editions of the NIV Study Bible (newer editions are also cheaply glued by Zondervan).



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