King James Study Bible

I bought the King James Study Bible because the King James Version was my first Bible version and the one I used for many, many years and I still love it. I can still recall verses of Scripture more often in the King James than other versions so I just like it and thought I would check out this Study Bible.

King James Study Bible Features

Well it has many features that I like, but the most important are the Doctrinal Footnotes, the Personality Profiles, and notes on the Archaeological Sites. Here's more information on these three features: 

  • Doctrinal Footnotes: This feature allows you systematically study Biblical doctrine and seeing how they are connected throughout the Bible. Illustrations, explanations, and practical applications for daily living help you understand the entire breadth of a particular Biblical doctrine.
  • Personality Profiles: Brief biographies are included to provide insight for key characters of the Bible near the verses where you read about them. They give you perspective on how they played a part in God's plan for mankind.
  • Archaeological Sites: Interesting notes from Archaeological sites on locations of significance places in the Bible are provided near the verses that mention the locations to provide a deeper understanding of the Biblical background.

Other features you might enjoy:

  • Forty Eight Maps
  • Eight full-color maps and a map index
  • Center column notes and references, including alternate or equivalent translations, and explanations of difficult words and phrases
  • Index of annotations, doctrinal footnotes, personality profiles, and archaeological sites
  • Special Interest Articles
  • Concordance