Karen from Texas

by Karen Fite
(Garland, Texas)

Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Six years ago God was preparing me for my journey. It is God's perfected plan that has led me to find peace, joy and the desires of my heart in submitting to the Will of God. Every step leading to my breast cancer was cushioned with God's mighty warriors. He placed people around me who ministered to me and kept me strong! There was only one moment that I felt a "pity party" and at that very moment HE sent His messenger and comforter. I was alone for the first time after the mastectomy and feeling a little sorry for myself. I heard a knock and I scuffled to the door. As I opened it and looked up, it was an old friend that I had not seen in 10 years and she was delivering me some flowers from my office. Not only was I blessed with the visit from an old friend and flowers from my new friends, but she shared that three years ago she went through the same experience. Now...was this just a coincidence? NO...GOD was comforting me as if I was truly sitting on HIS lap in the warm embrace of HIS loving arms. I was going to be OK. It was just like sitting with my daddy! The will of God is a comfortable place to be! There is no place like it!

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