Gospel of John Chapter 5

The Gospel of John Chapter 5 is when things really start to "heat up."  Jesus heals a man and causes quite a stir, unfortunately for the wrong reason.

Your learning comes from reading and studying the Bible.  After you've read the Scripture passage below, answer the following questions.  It's a good idea to do them every day, so we offer to email the questions to you every day - just sign up below.

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Answer the questions below. You can download these questions from the Gospel of John Chapter 5 if you wish to work on them offline by yourself or with a partner, or we can email the daily questions to you.

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Daily Study Questions for the Gospel of John Chapter 5

Day One

1. Why do think Jesus asked the invalid man if he wanted to get well in verse 6?

2. From the invalid man’s response what did he not understand about Jesus?

3. What law do the Jews refer to in verse 10?

Day Two

1. Why did the man become an invalid?

2. Read Psalm 107:17-19; Mark 2:1-5; Mark 2:8-12 and John 9:1-5. What can we conclude regarding sickness and the consequences of sin from these verses?

3. Why do you think the Jews asked the man who it was that healed him in verse 12?

Day Three

1. The Jews sought to kill Jesus for 2 things that he did. What were they?

2. According to Jewish law, was death the prescribed punishment for doing work on the Sabbath?

3. List 5 things we learn about God the Father from verses 17-27.

Day Four

John 5:39-40

1. List 2 things from verses 17-27 that God the Father has given the Son or authorized the Son to do.

2. Read Matthew 12:1-14. Why do you think Jesus healed on the Sabbath?

3. For what 2 reasons did God the Father give Jesus the authority to judge?

Day Five

1. From the verses below, state the ways that testimony is given for Jesus Christ:

  • Verse 33
  • Verse 36
  • Verse 37
  • Verse 39

2. Whose testimony does Jesus not accept?

3. Why do you think Jesus would not accept human testimony?

Day Six

1. List the mistakes or shortcomings of the Jews (as pointed out by Jesus) in the following verses:

  • Verse 38
  • Verse 40
  • Verse 43
  • Verse 47

2. From your reading of this chapter of the Gospel of John, whose testimony was weightier than John the Baptist?

3. How do we accept praise or testimony from people; and how can that sometimes be out of line with God’s will?

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