Gospel of John Chapter 17

The Gospel of John Chapter 17 is the last of the four chapters where Jesus teaches his disciples after the Last Supper.

Jesus tells the Apostles they will be persecuted, but they will see Him again!  He states that He has already conquered the world and they will have their sorrow turned to joy.

Your learning comes from reading and studying the Bible. After you have read the Scripture passage below, answer the following questions. It's a good idea to do them every day.

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Answer the questions below from the Gospel of John, Chapter 17.

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Daily Study Questions for the Gospel of John Chapter 17

Day One

1. It says in verse 1 Jesus prays after "These words spake Jesus.”  What words are being referred to?

2. List 5 of the 8 things that Jesus states in the prayer that he has accomplished while on earth.

3. Is there a common theme or idea in these 8 accomplishments listed by Jesus?

Day Two

John 17:3

1. List the 8 things that Jesus specifically asked God the Father to do in his prayer in the order they appear in the Gospel of John Chapter 17.

2. Who is being referred to with the use of the word “they” or ”them” in all of the first 20 verses in the Gospel of John Chapter 17?

3. Who is being referred to with the use of the word “they” or ”them” in verses 21 through 26?

Day Three

1. What does Jesus tell God the Father about “they” or “them” in the following verses from the Gospel of John Chapter 17?

  • Verse 3:
  • Verse 6:
  • Verse 7:
  • Verse 8:
  • Verse 10:
  • Verse 11:
  • Verse 12:
  • Verse 13:
  • Verse 14:

2. What is eternal life?

Day Four

1. What do we learn about God the Father’s power and abilities from the following verses?  Complete the sentences

  • From Verse 11 – He can . . .
  • From Verse 15 - He can . . .
  • From Verse 17 – He can . . .
  • From Verse 23 - He can . . .
  • From Verse 24 - He can . . .

2. Cite the verses from this chapter of the Gospel of John that tell us the following about the world and those in it from Jesus’ prayer.

  • Jesus has authority over them
  • The Father has not been revealed to them by Jesus nor given to him by God
  • The world can bring harm to believers but God can protect them
  • The world hates believers and they are not of the world nor is Jesus Christ
  • The disciples are sent into the world but yet are set apart from it
  • The whole world can believe that God sent Jesus Christ
  • God loved Jesus before the world was created

Day Five

1. Jesus mentions glory or glorify 9 times in this prayer.  He asks the Father to glorify the Son so that the Son can glorify the Father.  Jesus states he has glorified the Father, and then asks the Father to glorify Jesus in His presence with the glory Jesus had before the world began.  Jesus states that the disciples have brought glory to him and he has given them glory of the Father.  Finally, Jesus asks the Father to let the disciples see Jesus’ glory that the Father gave him.

What does glory mean?

2. Why did Jesus offer this prayer to God the Father?

Day Six

In verse 3 Jesus tell the Father that he has glorified him by completing the work that God gave him to do.  What work has God given to you that will glorify God when you complete it?

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