Gospel of John Chapter 15

The Gospel of John Chapter 15 is the second of four chapters where Jesus teaches his disciples after the Last Supper.

Jesus speaks of the relationships of believers to himself, to each other, and to the world.  Jesus also promises to send a helper, the Holy Spirit.

Your learning comes from reading and studying the Bible. After you've read the Scripture passage below, answer the following questions. It's a good idea to do them every day.

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Daily Study Questions for the Gospel of John Chapter 15

Day One

1. Jesus states in verse 1 that he is the true vine.  Elsewhere in the Book of John he was also referred to as the true ________.  Fill in the blank and cite the verse(s).

2. Read Galatians Chapter 5, verses 22 and 23.  What are the fruits of the spirit?

3. What's similar about the nine fruits of the spirit; how are they all the same or related?  What's the greatest of these fruits and why?

Day Two

1. What do you think Jesus meant when he said the Father prunes branches that bear fruit so that they will bear even more fruit?

2. List the commands of Jesus to his disciples in the following verses the Gospel of John Chapter 15:

  • Verse 4
  • Verse 9
  • Verse 12
  • Verse 17

3. What are the results of following these commands of Jesus as cited in the following verses from the Gospel of John Chapter 15?

  • Verse 5
  • Verse 7
  • Verse 8
  • Verse 10
  • Verse 14
  • Verse 16

Day Three

1. Why did Jesus tell his disciples to remain in his love?

2. How can we lay down our lives for our friends?

3. Who do you think Jesus is referring to when he uses the word “world” and “they” when he is speaking to the disciples in verses 18 through 25?

John 15:1-2

Day Four

1. What do we learn about the world and those in it from the following verses from the Gospel of John Chapter 15?

  • Verse 18
  • Verse 19
  • Verse 20
  • Verse 21
  • Verse 23

2. For what 2 reasons provided in this chapter of the Gospel of John that the world has no excuse for their sin?

3. Jesus commands us to love one another.  How do we sometimes let things of this world prevent us from loving one another?

Day Five

1. What passage of scripture is referred to in verse 25?

2. What 5 things do we learn about the Holy Spirit from verse 26?

3. To whom do you think the Holy Spirit was to testify as provided in verse 26?

Day Six

According to the Inter varsity Press Bible Background Commentary on the New Testament, there were different levels of friendship in antiquity and Greco-Roman writers often commented on the topic.  Friendship could involve political or military alliances and was often pursued in self-interest; but dying for others was considered heroic in Greco-Roman stories, and friendship to the death was considered a high moral value.

It seems that the ancient readers would easily understand this concept when Jesus states in verse 13: “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

What's the difference between what was done in laying one’s life down for his friends in that ancient culture or today’s culture and what Jesus did for his friends?

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