Gospel of John Chapter 13

The Gospel of John Chapter 13 tells us of the Last Supper where Jesus washes the disciples feet and of his betrayal by Judas Iscariot.

This is followed by Jesus' announcement of his departure.

Your learning comes from reading and studying the Bible. After you have read the Scripture passage below, answer the following questions. It's a good idea to do them every day.

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Daily Bible Study Questions for Gospel of John Chapter 13

Day One

1. List 7 examples of Jesus' foreknowledge of future events demonstrated in the Gospel of John Chapter 13.

2. What lesson did the washing of feet teach the Apostles and why was it the appropriate time to teach this lesson?

3. Do you think Jesus washed Judas’ feet?  Why or why not?

Day Two

1. Why didn’t Peter want Jesus to wash his feet?

2. Just as Jesus stated, Peter later understood the meaning of his washing their feet. Peter wrote a letter after the events recorded here in the Gospel of John Chapter 13 which indicated that he understood the lesson on humility Jesus taught by the foot washing.

In fact, he even called for church leadership to humble themselves and to clothe themselves in humility.  Where does Peter’s call to humility appear in scripture?

3. Jesus is obviously referring to Judas in verses 10 and 11.  What is meant by the word clean?

Day Three

John 13:34-35

1. Who could Jesus have been speaking of in verse 16 that were servants and messengers?

2. What things is Jesus referring to in verse 17?

3. What scripture is Jesus referring to in verse 18 where he says but that the scripture may be fulfilled 'He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me.'?

Day Four

1. What three things do each of the following verses tell us about Judas’ plan to betray Jesus?

  • Gospel of Mark 14:3-11 
  • Gospel of Luke 22:1-6

2. Describe how you felt when betrayed by someone you trusted.  What do you think was their motivation?  Have you forgiven them?

3. How was Jesus glorified (verse 31) and God glorified in Jesus (verse 32)?

Day Five

1. Why is it so noticeable when Christians demonstrate love for one another? How is it so different that it marks us as disciples of Jesus?  What are some examples of this Christian love for one another?

2. How did Jesus demonstrate his love for his disciples?

3. Why do you think Peter wanted to know which disciple Jesus was talking about?

Day Six

1. In verse 23 John describes himself as the disciple that Jesus loved.  Who else is mentioned in scripture as being loved by Jesus?

2. Why might Jesus’ foretelling of Peter disowning him three times at the end of this chapter of the Gospel of John have been so terribly troubling to Peter?

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