ESV Study Bible

My pastor raved about the ESV Study Bible and shortly later I had one as a result.  The ESV stands for "English Standard Version" and is a relatively new study Bible published 2008 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

ESV Study Bible Features

This study Bible provides notes that feature:

  • Explanations of the text and meanings of specific words and phrases, including those that may be puzzling or often misunderstood, as well as key Greek and Hebrew words
  • Summaries which provide meanings and purposes of each sections of text and how specific texts fit into overall history of God's plan for salvation throughout the Old Testament
  • Background information of historical and archeological framework to illustrate the texts
  • Significant alternative interpretations of important passages
  • Explanation of key doctrinal, theological, and ethical texts crucial to proper understanding of Christianity
  • Expansion of information that seeks to challenge the truthfulness, historicity, or believability of specific Bible passages
  • Life application for select key passages

One of the great things about this study Bible is the vision and goal of seeking to honor the Lord and his Word. Another great thing is the online edition with unique features offered to all purchasers. The features in the off-line edition also includes:

  • Over 200 all color maps
  • 40 unique illustrations
  • Over 200 charts
  • 80,000 cross-references and a concordance
  • Descriptions of other world religions and cults
  • Articles on major doctrines and ethical issues of Christianity
  • Overview of the history of salvation
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible

What it the greatest thing about the ESV Study Bible is the distinction it makes between "Divine Words" and "Merely Human Words" where this study Bible places the commentaries or human interpretations of the Bible as secondary in terms of consideration. This study Bible recognizes that the Words of God are distinctly and expressly much more important. Accordingly and appropriately, the Words of God feature larger print to remind us of their source.