Cyndi J.

by Cyndi

Two neighbor friends that I have been praying for for years recently came up to me at a neighborhood gathering and asked me if I would do a Bible Study with them. I was excited to do so and so surprised that they asked! In the course of the conversation, one of the women said that one of the reasons she was interested was because her husband had been attending Bible Study Fellowship for a couple of years (also a surprise to me!) and she wanted to study the Bible for herself. My sense from past conversations was that this was unfamiliar territory for her. Both women are from Catholic backgrounds, though I am pretty certain the second woman is a believer but this one is not--yet.

As I began to think about what we could study, I came upon your website and felt strongly impressed that John was the book we should go with. What I didn't know was that John is the book that the first woman's husband is studying this year in BSF. I am sure God is orchestrating something with an eternal outcome!

This woman also called to ask me if she would be needing a Bible since the only on they had was the one her husband was using. What a joy it was for me to go buy her one of her own!!

In any case, I wanted to write you and tell you that I am really enjoying your questions. We decided to go for 2 chapters a week so I am copying and printing off 6 questions a day for them. It seems to work well. It is just about the right length. We met for the first time this week and didn't even get past the first question on the fact that the Word was God before we got into a great discussion on the Trinity.

Thank you so much for offering these questions for free. I will let you know when my precious neighbor makes her decision to receive Him and become a child of God!

Cyndi J.

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