Colossians Chapter 3

Colossians Chapter 3 - This is the third of four weekly studies on the Book of Colossians.  Here in Chapter 3 we learn of the New Man and the Christian family.  We also learn about what wonderful and glorious thing will happen to the believers in Jesus Christ when he returns.

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Colossians Bible Commentary

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Daily Study Questions

Colossians Chapter 3

Day One

1. In verse 3 we read that we died. Verse 1 tells us that we have been raised with Christ, which is the same truth we saw in Chapter 2 verse 12. 

How are we dead and buried in baptism with Christ?

We know we are alive; so what died, or how did we die?

2. How are we raised with Christ?

What do verses 12 and 13 of Chapter 2 tell us?

Day Two

1. How do we explain that our life is now hidden with Christ in God?

2. Why does Colossians Chapter 3 verse 4 state that we will appear with Christ at His second coming?

Does I John 3:2 help us understand this verse?

Colossians 3:14

Day Three

1. From verses 5 through 9, what are the things we're told to put to death with our old man, or put away?

2. From verses 10-17, what things are we told to put on or do as the new man?

List the things we're told to do, focus on the action verbs or commands.

Do you see any patterns?

Day Four

1. Why are there eight categories of people listed in verse 11?

What do they mean?

2. What do the following verses teach us about God’s perspective of people?

  • Acts 10:34
  • Romans 2:11
  • Colossians 3:11
  • Colossians 3:25
  • James 2:8-9

Day Five

1. What does the word “submit” in verse 18 mean?  A question for the ladies: Why does it make sense?

2. In verse 19 husband are told to love their wives and not to be harsh or bitter with them.

What's the impact of a marriage when these 2 commands from verses 18 and 19 aren't obeyed?

How has Satan influenced our culture to convince us that we don't have to obey these commands?

Day Six

1. What life lessons can we learn from the principles of verses 22-25?

2. What's the theme of this third Chapter of Colossians?

Describe the theme using a single sentence.

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