Brandy from Middletown Ohio

by Brandy
(Middletown, Ohio)

I never much thought that God had a will for my life I always thought I was to just live life to the fullest, have fun and be happy, then I started feeling down, unhappy and always in a bad mood, I couldn't get anything done all I wanted to do is sleep and hope everything that was going wrong in my life would fix it's self. I knew I needed something in my life so I started dating I after a few years I was engaged to a Muslim guy and we were to get married but when I was told that I had to become Muslim I became scared because that ment I was saying Jesus was not in my heart, I felt awful sad and I could no way turn my back on Jesus thats what I had been told all my life, before bed I always read that night I picked up the bible to be honest I have no idea how it got on my night stand I was reading Percy Jackson, I opened it and could'nt put it down at that moment I knew Gods will for me was to take him into my heart the right way live life to the fullest but for God it was ok to have fun but fun God would aprove of. I knew to be happy with myself I was not to be Muslim but to be one with God and Jesus, I 'm not perfect I still make mistakes but at least I am trying.

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