Archaeological Study Bible

The Archaeological Study Bible published by Zondervan is a very interesting and useful reference tool for the presentation of the past and its relevance to the Christian today. In fact, it is described as "An Illustrated Walk through Biblical History and Culture."

I bought this Study Bible because I had never heard of anything like it and it seemed it would be a great resource for helping me understand the many different places mentioned in the Bible. I was also hoping to see many great pictures of the relics of the past related to Christianity. I was thinking "this will be like buying a small museum in the form of a book. 

Archaeological Study Bible Features

  • Over 500 insightful and accessible articles, many including full-color photographs, covering the following six general categories: 
  1. Archaeological Sites
  2. Cultural and Historic Notes 
  3. Ancient Peoples 
  4. Lands and Rulers 
  5. The Reliability of the Bible 
  6. Ancient Texts and Artifacts
  • Bottom-of-the-page study notes geared to archaeological, cultural and historical themes and frequently cross-referenced to relevant articles and other notes
  • Detailed book instructions, including helpful, at-a-glance timelines and outlines
  • Charts and graphs on pertinent topics
  • Periodic citations (quotations) from the ancients, each tied to a particular article
  • Side-column cross references
  • Full-color interior throughout
  • Sixteen pages of full-color maps, along with an index for ease of location of many place-names referenced in the articles and notes
  • Indexes to articles and photographs
  • Subject Guide
  • Concordance
  • A glossary. cross-referenced to pertinent, bolded words within the articles