Adult Bible Study Lesson Plans

We offer free adult Bible study lesson plans designed for small groups with daily study questions. We offer over fifty weeks of Bible studies that guide you through books of the Bible. All Bible studies cover a chapter of the Bible each week. Each study offers six days of consectutive study questions. This concept allows a small group to meet to discuss their answers on the seventh day. Oh by the way, we offer answers for the daily study questions.

We feature daily emails for the first 11 chapters of the Gospel of John. That allows you to avoid the cost of printing and also allows you to have people join your Bible study at any time and from any place.

We also offer you the opportunity to download several Bible studies as PDF files. Access the files at this page.

We ask that you not sell these studies but we ask that you use them to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and God Almighty. That is the purpose of this website. God Bless and please contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can work better together.

Bible Studies On This Website

Genesis - 11 Weeks

Gospe of John - 21 Weeks

Ephesians - 6 Weeks

Philippians - 4 Weeks

Colossians - 4 Weeks

James - 5 Weeks

Pride Bible Study - 4 Weeks

Jude - A Single Study

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