Free Online Bible Study Lessons

Consider this site if you want a free online Bible study that:

  • Guides you through a particular book of the Bible
  • Helps you develop a deeper understanding of spiritual truths
  • Excites you as you learn about the scriptures for yourself
  • Provides a self-paced study for individual or group study
  • Provides opportunities to apply God's truths to your personal life
  • Challenges you to think

These free online Bible study lessons help you accomplish that and more.

Bible study gives you clues to the "Big Picture" in life.  The Bible provides you the answers to life's most important questions.  It provides you the truth regarding not only our lives here on Earth, but the truths regarding our eternal lives that follow our earthly lives also.  The Bible is God's answer book for your questions.

Everybody's got questions like: "What's the meaning of life?" or "What's my purpose in life?" or "What happens when I die?" 

All those questions and more are answered in the Bible.  By the way, studying the Bible not only makes life understandable, it makes it great! 

Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavens.   Ephesians 1:3  The Holy Bible, Holman Christian standard version. (2009). Nashville: Holman Bible Publishers

These free online Bible study lessons are a ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and there is no cost to you - except your time.  It's really simple - you study - you get answers.  Your rewards can last beyond your lifetime.  Of course, the cool part is that you can reap rewards right away during your life here on earth.  

Will you get every question answered right away?  No, it takes time and careful study. It takes dedication to develop an understanding. That's where this website helps you.

For example, our Bible studies of the Gospel of John, the Book of Ephesians, the Book of Philippians, the Book of Colossians, the Book of James, and the Book of Genesis provide you systematic daily lessons.

Here's a video you can use as a transition from praise and worship for our Hebrews Bible study. 

This is our newest Bible study designed specifically for youth Pastors to use. 


Very special thanks to photographer Francesco Dazzi for giving us permission to use his videos of Jerusalem for this video. Thank you Francesco!

We offer to email the daily study questions to you every day for some of the studies.  Our format for these Bible studies provides a curriculum of daily discussion questions which work great for small groups.

The Book of Hebrews is our newest free online Bible study.  We'll follow that with a study of I Peter.  We also would like to develop and upload studies of the Book of Esther and the Epistles of John as well.

We wish it all could be done quickly, but the development and preparation for uploading take a considerable amount of time.

We are currently revamping the entire website and hope to finish by the June of 2015.  We are reviewing and updating all Bible studies and each of our pages for you.

We appreciate your patience.  We also appreciate any feedback you might have regarding how we can make the Bible studies easier for you to use.  By the way - here's what we believe.

Please join us in praying for the outreach of our ministry to bring glory to God through the distribution of these free online Bible study lessons around the world to people whom God loves.  

Please pray for missionaries around the world, the lost, and that this and other websites that provide free resources to those seeking God might be effective because God would have all mankind to come to a knowledge of Him and to be saved. (I Timothy 2:4)

man jumping for joy

Go ahead and jump in, it could change your life - forever!  A good place to start would be the Gospel of John; or perhaps you might want to check out the Book of Genesis.  Check back often for updates.  God Bless!

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