Youth Bible Study Lessons

Looking for youth Bible study lessons?  We have over a year's worth of weekly Bible studies suitable for youth on this website.  All are free and most are downloadable.  We offer free email service for the Gospel of John.  We've also started an entire website just for youth Bible study - Check it out!

If you're looking for Bible study lessons where the studies provide a daily homework assignment then these lessons provide a perfect fit for you.

All of our studies are designed for small groups but can be used individually as well.

Typically a small group leader will distribute the Bible study material to the group the week prior to the small group meeting the following week.

These youth bible study lessons provide daily Bible study questions assigned for each of the six days before the next small group meeting.

There're no assigned questions for the seventh day as the group will meet together that day.

Each weekly lesson covers a chapter of the Bible or a different topic and the youth would answer 2-3 questions for each of the six days from that chapter or topic.

The idea is to study the Bible individually on a daily basis and then meet as a small group weekly to discuss the answers - and more importantly - the Biblical principles that we can apply in our lives from the lessons.

After the small group meets to discuss their answers, they are given the questions for the next chapter to study before the next meeting. This cycle continues until the end of the lesson.

Youth Bible Study Lessons

- 6 Week Study of Ephesians

- 4 Week Study of Phillipians

- 4 Week Study of Colossians

- 5 Week Study of James

- 21 Week Study of the Gospel of John

- 11 Week Study of Genesis

- 4 part study of pride

small group

Studying in a small group is fun and helps you learn because God can and does speak to all who seek Him. 

Perhaps God can speak to you so you can help others learn or maybe you can learn from another student.

Youth Bible Study Lessons

We pray these lessons bless you and your students.

We appreciate any feedback you may wish to provide us on these lessons for your youth, just click on the contact us link to drop us a line, God Bless.

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