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Free Bible Student Newsletter, Volume I - Issue #03
August 05, 2010

Sin - Enemy of God and Mankind

Why do some refer to it as man's "sin-bent," and what does that mean? Why is it hard to do the right thing at times? Why is man burdened by it? What did we do to deserve it? What is it? Where did it originate? How was it introduced to the world? What purpose does it accomplish?

Man has a propensity to do something wrong rather than do something right, or the godly way. The motives are endless, and are generally selfish, but not limited only to one's own selfish desires. click here for the rest of the article

Gospel of John Printable Workbooks

We have begun to update our study of the Gospel of John. We are developing workbooks for each chapter that you can download. We have completed updating the first fourteen chapters and will complete our updates by next month for the final seven chapters.

We will also update the entire Gospel of John study to provide email service for all chapters. We currently only offer email service for daily Bible study questions for the first eleven chapters. You can see the workbooks on each of the web pages of the first fourteen chapters.

Our intent is to then evaluate and update the entire study before further studies are developed. Our commitment is to provide you the best possible Bible studies we can. Any feedback on our efforts is welcome and appreciated.


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This feature provides a series of facts about God from the Bible that provide the Bible Student insight into who God is and key factors about His character. For instance, in the first issue we learn that God is light. In this issue we learn that God is Love.

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. I John 4:8



Each month we will provide you a review of a different Study Bible. This month's review features the Stewardship Study Bible.

I bought this Study Bible because I love the concept of becoming a better steward of all that God has given to me (or rather, allowed me to have for a while). Boy am I glad I bought this Study Bible! I had no idea how expansive this Biblical concept of stewardship can be.

This Study Bible is published by Zondervan in 2009 and utilizes the New International Version translation of the Bible. The Stewardship Study Bible was created "to become a companion in your journey toward becoming a mature and effective steward"

It offers the Bible student several features that are unique, but what I like most is the perspectives it offers me as a Christian. For instance:

* Stewardship is ultimately about who God is and who he desires us to become. It is not just about what we do with what God has given us.

* Effective, Biblical stewardship is is more like a journey, not a destination on a map.

* Biblical stewardship is always about managing belongings that are not yours.

* Biblical stewardship is not just a responsibility; it is also a privilege.

* God calls us to be stewards.

* God desires that we develop ourselves to become effectual stewards of his resources.

Features of the Stewardship Study Bible:

These are some of the useful features in this unique Study Bible which are organized according to it's definition of the Seven Purposes of Stewardship:

* Daily Readings from over 300 authors from a wide variety of denominations designed to highlight foundational insights into Biblical stewardship

* Book Introductions which outline stewardship principles in each book

* Profiles of Biblical characters who were effective and ineffective stewards

* Challenges to our stewardship journey are explored that could become stumbling blocks

* Crown Financial Ministries Index of topics related to Biblical stewardship

This Study Bible will be a valuable resource for me for years to come and I highly recommend you consider obtaining one yourself. I have recently finished a book titled Radical by David Platt that has reoriented the way I consider my resources (God's resources) that are available to me and this concept of stewardship is a key component of my development into a better Christian. I am looking forward to the journey ahead and what God has in store.



Our monthly newsletter features a new crossword puzzle every month. This month's puzzle is titled Names from the Gospels and includes words from the four Gospels. Access the crossword puzzle page by clicking the link below.



We offer a new Bible trivia game every month. This month's theme is Places in the Bible. Just click on the link below to play. Answers are provided instantly.



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We pray that this Free Bible Student Newsletter provided useful information to you and look forward to our continued service to our readers. May God continue to bless you as you study his Holy Word.

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