Third Lesson On Hebrews

Read Hebrews 2:5-9 to begin our third lesson on Hebrews

This third lesson on Hebrews helps us to understand, in light of Christ's supremacy, the depth of His sacrifice.  The author is continuing to help us discover how supreme (great) Christ is.

In verse 5 we get a brief description of the “world to come.”  A different way this could be translated is “the world that is about to be."

So, what is this world that is coming?  This verse is speaking about the resolution of history, when God will remake the earth by purifying and perfecting it.

This new earth and new Jerusalem will be the awesome inheritance that Christ will be given, with the Church in it as His perfect bride.  This new earth will be a place without death, or pain, or mourning, or tears.  We will live with God in a perfect relationship.

Before we continue this third lesson on Hebrews, check out the Scripture for yourself.  Read Revelation 21:1-4 now.

Hebrews 2:8

We see in verse 5 of chapter 2 in this third lesson on Hebrews that this “world to come” will not be subject to the angels.  The Greek word that is translated as “subjection” is the same word that was used to discuss the arranging soldiers in their ranks and formations. 

This word could also be translated as authority, dominion, or control over.  So, in other words, the new earth that God has promised will not be controlled by the Angels.

Read Genesis 1:28 & 2:15

We're left to ask the question: 

"Who will have authority in the new earth?"

Verses 6-8 are a quote of Psalm 8.  By quoting this psalm the author is reminding us that:

  1. Man was given subjection (control over) earth.
  2. We are a little lower than Angels.

This is another amazing time when the Holy Spirit inspired the author of Psalm 8 to write scripture that would not only be important for His time, but would also speak about the future Christ to come.

This description of man’s place in creation applies to Jesus because He became a man.  Understanding this illustrates Jesus’ Love.

Christ, who is superior to Angels, became a man, who are lower than Angels.  Becoming a man when you are God is no small sacrifice.  This requires submitting to authority that you are superior to, a very humbling thing to do.

Humility Requires Submission

For three years I worked at the same coffee shop.  After 3 years I was pretty good at working there.  I had all the recipes and prices memorized.  I knew the regulars.  And I had certain customers that preferred for me to make their drinks for them.

Then, the last semester I worked there, we got a new manager.  She had been working with us for about a year, but it was known that she wasn’t very good at making drinks.  It actually turned out to be a better fit for her, because as a manager she focused more on administration. 

But for the first few weeks, it was hard for me to submit to her authority over me.  I had more experience and talent than her, so I had to humble myself in order to recognize her authority.  It was a hard thing to do. 

However, this kind of humbling experience is nothing compared to what Jesus did for us.

Before we continue our third lesson on Hebrews, read Philippians 2:5-11.  See how Paul views the humbling of Jesus.

Jesus not only was willing to come in the form of a servant, but He was willing to be humbled to the point of death!

How far down did He humble himself?

In verse 8 we learn that Christ has subjection over all; however, we don't yet see this control in effect yet.  God has the power to subject all of creation to his will, but He hasn’t done it yet. 

This is why the “new world”  is “to come”.  This is why we yearn for heaven.  Even all of creation groans for the redemption that God has promised.

Read Romans 8:18-23 for a description of creation’s anticipation of God’s promise.

In Romans 8 we see that creation is waiting just like we are for Jesus to use ALL of his power to restore and remake us.  We don’t see this yet, but if you are saved, one day we will.  One day we will be in the paradise of God’s Presence.

Even though we don’t see this yet, we do have something to fix our eyes on now.

Verse 9 tells us that now, we see Jesus.  We see his power and authority at work in our lives.  Our perfect record in scripture shows us that He tasted death for all of us. 

And having faith in Him is how we can receive God’s forgiveness for our sins.  We know that His death was terrible.  But we also know that God has exalted Him.

Instead of a crown of thorns, He is now at the right hand of God with a crown of honor and glory.  If we can get a better picture of awesome He is, how worthy and powerful He is, then we can better understand how crazy His love is for us.


  • He is supreme, BUT STILL He became a man.
  • He has all authority, BUT STILL He became lower than angels.
  • He has all power, BUT STILL He became a peasant.
  • He is the radiance of God’s Glory, BUT STILL He became a servant.
  • He is innocent, BUT STILL He died a guilty mans death.

  • He is blameless, BUT STILL He took the punishment you deserve.

He did all of those things because He loves YOU and to glorify God.

There are no other reasons.

And now, if you have not accepted that sacrifice, if you have not decided to become a Christ follower, then please:

  • Realize how far He came down because He loves you.
  • Realize the unbelievable lengths He has gone to SAVE you.
  • And realize that now that it's up to YOU to commit yourself to him.

This is the most important thing that could ever happen to you in your lifetime. 

Before you leave this third lesson on Hebrews please realize the three points above.

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