Pastor Shan Taylor

NO it's NOT about ME.

But here's some information about me (Shan Taylor) and my wife Meagan.

I have been extraordinarily blessed to grow up in a loving, and complete Christian home.  I’m sure the blessings of being raised in a God-fearing home, by two loving parents are immeasurable.  I accepted Jesus as my personal savior at 6, admittedly a young age.

I remember watching my older brother’s baptism and thinking hard about what I had learned at church.  Even at that age, I understood that if my brother was a sinner, in need of God’s grace, and I had messed up in many of the same ways as him, then I needed to personally accept Christ’s sacrifice as well.  I scooted over to my Mom after his baptism and whispered, “I need that too.”  

I’m sure I didn’t have everything completely figured out.  But, to use a worn out cliché, I heard the knock, and let Jesus come into my life.  Even though I was young, I have every confidence that when I made that decision and profession of faith, I was then clothed in Christ’s righteousness.

My growth as a Christian and a young man was pretty ordinary.  I was best friends all through school with the preachers son, a naturally skeptical guy who helped develop in me a huge passion for Apologetics.

As I reached college, I realized that my faith had come to a point where it wasn’t going to continue to develop unless I found a way to actively and consistently serve the Lord.  I started volunteering with a youth group, and signed up to work with Centrifuge Camps.  

It was during my first summer of camp that I accepted my call to fulltime Youth Ministry.  Looking back, God’s sovereignty is so incredible.  His work in my life was never more obvious than that summer.  I realized that I was deeply and completely fulfilled by serving him, fulfilled in a way that my plans had never managed to.  I loved every moment of pouring into those kids any love or wisdom that God had given me.   

I completed my undergrad in May of 2011, and then married my wonderful wife shortly after.  We worked our third summer as staffers at a Christian camp, and then moved to start seminary at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and for Meagan, my wife, to finish her last semester of undergrad.  

She finished her degree in Christian Ministry in December of 2011.  Right around that time my Youth Ministry Professor connected me with a church near New Orleans that was looking for an interim youth pastor.  

It turned out to be another incredible example of God’s sovereignty because we ended up being offered the full-time ministry position and have been there for about a year now (I’m writing this bio at the beginning of 2013). 

Meagan and I feel blessed to be made for and called to Youth Ministry.  It is our passion.  We are a team ministry and consider each other equal.  We definitely fill different roles, I do a lot of the preaching and public speaking, she does a ton of behind-the-scenes planning and work, but we know that God made us for each other and for youth ministry.

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