The Mountaintop Experience

What is the best aspect of the Mountaintop Experience? Some say it is the challenge of getting to the top. Others say, it’s the reconnection with nature or themselves because they can find out who they really are through a taxing adventure. Still others say the best reason is to experience the breath taking view.

That is what the topic of today is, the view. Now believers are probably thinking doesn’t the Mountaintop Experience refer to the Christian walk of life. While dealing with the pressures and stressors of life (every now and then), God allows believers to come up for air (so to speak) and receive a break from the problems in their life . . .that’s what the Mountain Top Experience is, right? Not today.

Today’s thought is what a large part of the population is thinking, but not discussing. Each day as we get a little more wise, a little more intuitive, and a little more old we start to contemplate our fate. Reoccurring questions like, have I accomplished all I am suppose to accomplish in this life? Have I done everything I am suppose to do? Is this it, do I have nothing else to offer? Should I just give up and join those who have gone ahead of me? The answer is a resounding, no.

The Mountaintop Experience is what some call middle age. Being middle age allows us to equally see in both directions. We can see what has been accomplished and ahead to what can be accomplished. We tend to notice that those just a little older than us are passing away, and we also notice the younger are looking very young when compared to ourselves. The Mountain Top Experience for this writer has become a place of contemplation, a place of reflection, and a place to build confidence, resolve, and direction. How is this obtained?

In a word, we need to strive to get closer to God. He is the author of our lives. He knows our lives from beginning to end. He knows our struggles and our strengths. As it is written, He knows…”the very hairs on your head are all numbered (Matthew 10:30 NASB),” which illustrates God’s intimate knowledge of us. In the biblical book of Proverbs, God illustrates, provides, and stresses the need for godly wisdom. It is in this book that the writer has found the most peace about his station in life. The Bible, as a whole, contains all the godly wisdom we can attain, use, and grow from in order to become what God knows we are to be.

To borrow the phrase, in order to “be all we can be”, we need to search out the instruction manual for life or as others refer to it -- the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). The Bible is God’s message to all of us containing all the answers we need to escape the destruction that Satan has designed for us. By desiring to be closer to God, He ensures us that we have a place with Him in Heaven. As we move closer to God, we experience His truth and not Satan’s deception. Satan would have us believe, you live and then you die, and that is it. . . blackness. God illustrates, and demonstrates what life is suppose to be for all of mankind through Jesus. Jesus illustrated how we should think, work, perform, behave, worship, love, etc. Fear has never been a part of God’s plan. Fear is definitely a signal to move closer to God and certainly trust Him.

In trusting God you make Him your end point, your goal, your finish line. He is the reason we are here. What is the meaning of life? That’s easy, to find God and love Him as He loves us. What are we suppose to do with our lives? Now, that’s a real question. Paul the Apostle wrote: “I run (the race) in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air (I Corinthians 9:26 NASB). Paul was stating that life should be lived with purpose. Our lives should have focus. Our lives should be aimed at the finish line of life. . . God. Our lives need purpose, focus, and drive in order to attain all God has created for us.

The end point is not death, it is everlasting life. Our goal is everlasting life, our goal is God. Our finish line is the passage way into a heavenly relationship with God. The Mountaintop Experience is necessary to see where we have been, but more importantly to see where we are going, and to readjust our track if we have gotten off course to be with God. The Mountaintop Experience teaches as we move closer to God, then fear has no alternative but to move further away from us. Enjoy the Mountaintop Experience, the view is wonderful and the experience is worth a lifetime.

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