Memorizing Scripture
First Lesson

As you are memorizing Scripture, we pray God will challenge you and bless you as  seek to set His Word firmly in your heart and mind.  May God also enable you as you start your journey.

A Goal for Memorizing Scripture

Your starting place when it comes to learning how to memorize Scripture is choosing the best goal.  You might be thinking “I want to memorize a lot of Scripture and I want to do it fast!”   You might even think “I can memorize one verse a week.”   

But there’s a BIG problem with that.  The truth is that while you can memorize a verse quickly, you can also forget what you’ve memorized just as quickly!    

If you learn a verse in week one of your efforts, and then go on to a different verse the second week; by the third week, you may find you’ve forgotten the verse you learned back in week one!  

Many have had the experience of quickly memorizing a verse so they can quote it at church on Sunday.  Then by Monday they find they've already started to forget it.

A Manageable Goal

What I've found is that when it comes to memorizing Scripture, “less is more.”   One of the keys to learning how to memorize Scripture is choosing a manageable goal that will lead to learning a verse for life.

You may wonder, “Is that even possible?”  It absolutely is!  And in later lessons, you will see that you have ALREADY memorized many things for life.

You'll discover how you did it and you'll learn to apply some simple principles so that you'll know how to memorize Scripture for life.   

Words of Hope and Guidance

God has given us a book full of promises and words of hope and guidance.  Some of those verses (along with where to find them) should be firmly fixed in your mind for life.  

Something doesn’t add up if we say that our faith in God is at the heart of who we are and at the same time can’t call to mind anything He has specifically said!

If you want to learn how to memorize Scripture, your first step is choosing the right goal. 

Something Doesn't Add Up

A Goal for Your Investment

My hope is for you to invest your time in a discipline that will reward you for years to come.  

1 Verse for Life

Can you imagine six months from now, knowing three or four powerful and encouraging Scripture verses (and the references!) so well that at any time for the rest of your life you'll be able to recall them in word-perfect fashion?   

Now THAT'S a goal worth pursuing.

Choosing the right goal for Scripture memory is very important.  The best goal for Scripture memory is to Learn It For Life!  Consider this as your overall goal for Scripture memory in this Memorize Bible Verses 1st Lesson before you proceed further.  

Learn It for Life

We pray this lesson on memorizing Scripture has blessed you.

This lesson was prepared by Clark Palmer.

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