Memorize Scripture
Sixth Lesson

When you memorize Scripture it's tempting to be satisfied with a general idea of what a verse says and to then stop short of memorizing exactly what the verse says.  Our minds are always looking for an excuse to stop working. 

To “Learn It For Life” you'll have to make it a practice to ignore the thought of letting yourself slide on this issue.  Getting the main idea or stumbling through a verse with guess work is not how to memorize Scripture! 

There are several very good reasons to aim for exact word for word memorization of your target verse.

Learn It For Life

Reasons to Memorize Scripture Word for Word

1.  You'll never know when you've learned the verse if there's no consistent measure to go by.

Exact word for word memorization means being able to recall the entire verse just as it's found in your Bible.  In other words, your goal is to be 100% accurate.  If that’s not your goal then where will you stop your efforts?  At 90% or 80% or less?

The tendency will be to be content with less and less.  By holding yourself to the 100% standard you'll protect yourself against the temptation to “just get close.”

2.  You may learn the verse wrong and end up more confused than ever when you try to correct it later.

If you allow yourself the luxury of guessing at some of the words in the verse as you review it, you may later find yourself remembering the wrong words.  

When you discover that error and try to fix it you'll be plagued with the challenge of always having to decide which word was the wrong one and which was the right one.  Instead of clearly and confidently reciting the verse, you'll end up with a debate going on inside your head.

3.  If you only have a general idea of what the verse says, you will not be able to quickly review a verse because you’ll be unsure of the words.  

You'll use valuable time trying to decide what words to use to convey the main idea.  The best approach to review is to learn the verse exactly as it is given.  Then, each and every time you review, use those exact words. 

Be content with nothing less than exact word for word memorization.

4.  You'll be far less likely to ever use the verse in counseling or witnessing if you lack confidence about your ability to say it.

It'll be harder at first to demand of yourself exact word for word memorization but in the long run you will have done yourself a favor.  Once you’ve learned exactly what the verse says and reviewed it a 1,000 or 2,000 times, you 'll be ready to share the verse with others with confidence.

Your goal is for the verse to flow quickly and easily as you speak.  Then you’ll be able to say it with confidence and emphasis.

As you begin a verse, decide that you will not accept anything less than

Exact Word For Word Memorization.

We pray this lesson on how to memorize Scripture has blessed you.

This lesson was written by Clark Palmer.

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