How to Memorize Scripture
Second Lesson 

We pray as you learn how to memorize Scripture you'll be comforted by the Word of God you place in your heart and mind.  May God enable you as you continue your journey to hide His Word in your heart.

You Already Know How to Memorize Many Things

Learning how to memorize Scripture so well that you remember it the rest of your life is NOT impossible.  You may not realize it but many times you have already memorized a substantial amount of material.  

For example, if you're an English speaker you've memorized 26 pieces of information that you can repeat in order at any moment.   Knowing the alphabet is matter of learning a sequence of letters so well that you will are able to remember them for rest of your functional adult life.  

The question is, “How did you learn them, and how is it that you still know them?”  

If you were raised in the United States, there's a high probability that you could sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” all the way through right now.  Most likely it's been years since you’ve sung this song.  But you learned the words to the song so well that you probably still remember them.  

If you can learn how that happened, you can learn how to memorize Scripture.  You can count the words to the song yourself, but I’ll save you the time and tell you that there are 18 words in the song.  

As we continue this Memorize Bible Verses 2nd lesson, let's look at Matthew 6:33:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,

and all these things will be given to you as well.

There are 19 words plus the reference in this verse.  That means memorizing Scripture is not impossible.  Rich, helpful, important verses of Scripture are not too long.  Here’s the point:  If you can discover how you memorized the song Row Row Your Boat, you can learn how to memorize Scripture for life!

Learn how to memorize Scripture using this principle:

When you were in kindergarten, or even before you began to learn the alphabet,  every day you repeated those 26 sounds and learned the names of those sounds.  Many of you learned to sing the “alphabet song.”  And you sang it over and over.  

Then you  began to use those 26 pieces of information to be able to read and write words. Over and over and over you reviewed them and used them.

This is exactly the principle of Long Term, Repeated Use and Review at work!  You sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” over and over and over.  You heard others sing it.  You may have taught it to your children.  And now it’s made a PERMANENT place in your mind.  

That’s what we want to have happen with key verses from the Bible.  The principle of  Long Term, Repeated Use and Review is the key to learning how to memorize Scripture!  

You already know how to memorize anything!

Long Term, Repeated Use and Review is how you know:

  1. Your country’s Pledge of Allegiance, or
  2. National anthem. 

Each time you repeated the words you embedded them more firmly and more deeply in your mind.  Every repetition counted.

You've likely been memorizing like this for a long time

Long Term, Repeated Use and Review is how you probably learned the multiplication tables.

Maybe your teacher had you memorize 2x2 = 4 and 2x3 = 6 and so on.  And you practiced.  And you were tested.  And you wrote them out.  And you had multiplication drills at the blackboard if you’re as old as me.  And then, you went on to the 3s, 3x2 = 6, and 3x4 = 12, and so on and on and on.

Then you moved up a grade and had more math and used the same multiplication facts in more advanced problems.  Then you graduated into life and you’re still using those simple facts that you memorized that enable you to know that 4x7 = 28.

Heart Shape

That's Long Term Repeated Use and Review.

The principle of Long Term Repeated Use And Review explains a great deal about how we memorize.  We not only have to learn the information.  We have to use it.  

We remember the phone numbers we use or give it out.  We forget the ones we never use.  We remember important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.  We remember the addresses we use often.

John 3:16 - How do so many people know it?

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Jn 3:16). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

Probably the most widely memorized Scripture  verse is John  3:16.

Long Term Repeated Use and Review is how you likely know that verse. 

If you went to Vacation Bible School or Sunday School or church camp you could always rely on someone promoting the memorization of John 3:16!  As a result, more people seem to know that verse than any other. 

The key to Scripture memorization

Since Long Term Repeated Use and Review is the key to lasting memorization, you can put this principle to work so that you can learn some important passages of Scripture so well that you remember them the rest of your life.

If you want to “Learn Scripture For Life” the key will be to intentionally engage, and stay engaged, in a process of Long Term Repeated Use and Review.

Memorize Bible Verses -  A Step by Step Guide  

First, Make a Commitment.

Determine from the very beginning that once you’ve learned a verse of Scripture you will then review that verse many times a day for many, many days in a row.  

Secondly, Choose a Verse to Memorize.

Choose a verse that will help you with something you're struggling with or something that will help you strengthen an area in your life.

Third, Make a Schedule.

If you spend 30 days in a row on one verse and review that verse 10 times a day, that’s 300 times.  The truth is you’ll need to do MUCH MORE than that. 

What if you were to stay committed to that one verse for 60 days and review it 20 times a day?  By the end of those two months you would have reviewed the verse 1,200 times! 

Now THAT'S a good start toward Long Term Repeated Use And Review.  This may sound overwhelming to you but in later lessons I’m going to show you how you can accomplish this.

Finally, Stick to It!
Scripture Memorization Requires a Long Term Commitment 

In just a few minutes you can learn a verse well enough to remember it for few hours or days. But to learn it for life will require thousands of repetitions. 

I've seen many well-meaning believers find a verse they love, a passage of God’s deep, helpful truth that can guide their lives.

They quickly commit it to memory.  They spend two or three days practicing and reciting the verse.  Then they assume they have it, only to realize later that they aren't sure how the verse starts.  

They can’t remember all the phrases.  They have no idea of what the Scripture reference is.  Instead of having learned a verse for life, they've really learned nothing at all.

Go the Distance - Learn It for Life!

But it doesn't have to be that way!  If you’re willing to go the distance, you can begin a program of Scripture Memory that really works.  Spend two months on a verse.  Then over the next two months, as you learn another verse, keep going back and reviewing the previous verse.  

The Problem Most People Make

The fact is there's a common problem when it comes to helping people learn how to memorize Scripture:  

The amount of time and effort required to memorize a verse is hugely underestimated.

Let’s do the math - 20 reviews X 60 days the first two months = 1,200 reviews.  Then in the third and fourth month, if you review it once a day you’ll add another 60 reviews.  Each review causes it to settle more deeply in your mind. 

That’s Long Term Repeated Review And Use!

Summary - How to Memorize Scripture

Here’s a great statement that sums up the BIG POINT of this lesson: Practice Makes Permanent

There are no shortcuts, tricks, or secrets.  It just takes work.  The challenge is to stay focused on the verses you select to memorize for weeks and months, not just hours or days.  Remember, every repetition counts.


Every single repetition counts.

The Big Point

Practice makes permanent.

Success Secret

No shortcuts, tricks, or secrets.

I encourage you to learn the verse, and then review it hundreds and even thousands of times over a period of months and years.  

As a result, you’ll gain the advantage of Long Term, Repeated Review & Use which will lead you to the place where you have “Learned It For Life.” 

We pray this lesson on how to memorize Scripture has blessed you.

This lesson was prepared by Clark Palmer.

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