Our family and home is looking for the imminent return of Jesus Christ

If you visit this website often and nobody seems to be home, and it is discovered that millions are discovered missing, then know that there has taken place that which the Apostle Paul wrote of in First Thessalonians Chapter 4 verses 14-17. It means that God has called out of this world all of the saved (born again). Don't e-mail us. We will be back in seven years when Christ comes back with his saints to destroy the Antichrist who will deceive many with signs and wonders. Do not take his mark on your forehead or hand. Pray to God and ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior and Lord and he will save you and give you eternal life.

Pray and read the scriptures - Revelation Chapter 13 and following and Daniel Chapters 7 through 12. But before you do anything else, click here to learn about our eternal home

God Bless You and We Pray We Will See You Soon

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