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Index of Christian Articles

Back Issues - 2010

What is the best aspect of the Mountaintop Experience? Some say it is the challenge of getting to the top. Others say, it’s the reconnection with nature or themselves because they can find out who they really are through a taxing adventure. Still others say the best reason is to experience the breath taking view. But what does middle age have to do with the Mountaintop Experience?

Read the Mountaintop Experience Article

Why do some refer to sin as man's "sin-bent," and what does that mean? Why is it hard to do the right thing at times? Why is man burdened by it? What did we do to deserve it? What is it? Where did it originate? How was it introduced to the world? What purpose does it accomplish?

Read the Article: Sin - Enemy of God and Mankind

What is Salvation? When most people think of salvation or being saved, they usually picture in their minds a person in jeopardy on the brink of losing his/her life. Some picture a more vivid illustration of a person in the water and being overtaken by the waves or surf, and another person in close proximity throwing a life ring to the person drowning. The person actually throwing the life ring is usually doing so from a position of safety; therefore, accommodating the person who is in danger of losing their life. But what about salvation of our spiritual lives?

Read the Article: What is Salvation?

The idea of the accommodation of God stems from the idea of how God is constantly reaching out to His people. Before delving too deeply into how God performs accommodation, it important to understand the meaning of accommodation. The definition of accommodation. . .

Read the Article: God's Accomodation

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