Bible Trivia

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Bible Trivia is not the best name for a means to develop and discover the most important information that is to be found but we will suffice it to serve as our theme for this page with the realization that God understands that we simply want to know more about Him; and therefore, we want to know even the "trivial" things of the Bible.

Categories of Biblical Trivia

We feature ten categories of trivia as shown below. Each has its own web page and is updated monthly. You can access the pages for each category - just click on the links below.

  1. Which Apostle?
  2. Names in the Bible
  3. Places in the Bible
  4. Foods of the Bible
  5. Who Said That?
  6. Books of the Bible
  7. Proverbs
  8. The Devil
  9. Plants and Animals of the Bible
  10. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Click on a Link to Access a Category

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Check back often for our updates because we will continually update this page.

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