1 Peter Bible Study

This 1 Peter Bible Study is designed to provide you a Bible study of one chapter a week for five weeks. The book of first Peter covers the following topics and themes

Each chapter study contains study questions, usually two to three questions per day. Some questions require a study of the scriptures within the chapter while other questions relate to other chapters of 1st Peter or other books of the Bible. Then there are some questions only you can answer as we explore the application of Biblical principles to our lives. This Bible Study is designed for individual or small group studies.

Although this 1 Peter Bible study can be studied individually, it's always better if you can share your insights with one another, so we recommend small group studies if possible.

1 Peter Chapter 1 -- This is the first of five chapter studies of the Book of First Peter. Learn how you have been set apart by God, have an inheritance that can never be taken away, and the hope of all Christianity.

Chapter 2 "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" - Thanks for your patience.

-- This chapter teaches us about the chosen people of God called to be holy, and how we should view suffering for the cause of Christ. We also learn in this chapter if we should follow or submit to governmental authorities.

Chapter 3 "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" - Thanks for your patience.

-- This chapter provides instruction to the Christian husband and wife and principles for our Christian conduct.

Chapter 4 "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" - Thanks for your patience.

-- This chapter teaches us about the sufferings of believers, the dangers of self-indulgence, and the command for our focus on love as a priority for Christian living.

Chapter 5 "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" - Thanks for your patience.

-- From this final chapter we learn about the proper way elders are to shepherd their flocks, and the heart of the message of the Apostle Peter in this epistle.

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